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Each successful cohort of the Reintegration Academy saves the state of California $1.3 million.

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The Reintegration Academy

was founded in 2009. The program has hosted 13 cohorts and has graduated 364 participants. The program brings 35-40 formerly incarcerated individuals to the college campus for 8 weeks. These individuals are screened by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's Southern Region. Participants are immersed in Life Skills, Career Development, and Vocational Education modules during the 8-week period. On the first day of the program participants takes the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator to learn more about their personality type. The program then matches them with careers that match their personalities. In the 5th week each participant receives a free laptop computer. In the 6th week, all participants are registered into a regional community college and are assisted with completing financial aide forms. During the 8th week, the program hosts a job fair for the participants--inviting 10 local employers to meet, greet, and interview participants. At the graduation banquet, each participant receives a certificate of completion. The program has a 92% success rate of getting participants jobs and/or enrolling them into college or vocational training.

Our Goal

Providing Life Skills, Career Development, and Vocational Eduation Modules for those recently released from prison.