There have been six cohorts and 160 graduates of the Reintegration Academy: 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017. In terms of outcomes, the Reintegration Academy measures success as alumni of the program having a job and/or being in college, and staying out of prison during a three-year period. The following data represent the program’s success rates: 2009: 75%, 2012: 86%, 2013: 88%, 2014: 88%, 2015: 89% (at two-year mark). The 2017 cohort will be evaluated at the two-year and three-year marks.


Participants in each cohort were given a series of questions to respond to before the program began and after the program ended. These questions revolved around their confidence and preparedness in academics, life skills, and career development. There was improvement in each category from the pre-program assessment to the post-program assessment for all cohorts. See the summary data below.


                                                 2017 Reintegration Cohort Pre-Program/Post-Program Outcomes



2015 Reintegration Academy Cohort: Pre-Program/Post Program Outcomes

2014 Reintegration Academy Cohort: Pre-Program/Post-Program Outcomes

Pre-Program Narrative Responses to the question: What do you hope to learn in the Reintegration Academy?
  • I hope to gain knowledge in how to find and keep employment. I also hope to learn which fields are best suited to my personality so I can gain experience within them.
  • I hope to learn new information about myself and the career that’s most appropriate for my character and interest. I'm open to learn anything that will help me be successful in life.
  • How to overcome my release from prison [and] go to school for liberal arts.
  • I need direction in my academic development. I am currently enrolled at Palo Verde College. I also need direction in my career development.
  • I am enthusiastic about learning the basic skills that will assist me in succeeding. I look forward to being able to utilize these skills in society.
  • Everything I can. To better myself in life. Thank You!
  • I hope to learn how to effectively reach my goals. Accomplish what I dream about. And, to be an asset to my community. Help others!
  • How to live a more successful life and learn these things that I don’t know how to do effectively and not just learn them but live them as well.

Post-Program Narrative Responses to the question: What did you learn in the Reintegration Academy?

  • I have learned a lot about myself and how I can benefit others. I am confident that I have the tools (or am now aware of) where to go to succeed in life. I believe in the quote by John Wooden that success is peace of mind that put the best effort to do the best I could do.
  • I've learned that I am capable. I didn’t believe that I was before I started this program. Now, I know that I can do what I choose with my life if I put the effort into it. I also pinpointed my strengths and decided my career path.
  • I learned not to give up. That there are second chances out there. Not everybody is going to judge me because of my background. The most important thing I learn was to control my anger and be humble.
  • Within this Reintegration, I am not ashamed to say I will take what I learned which is to gain opportunity and taking full advantage of with a loving drive to succeed and will take the knowledge and put it forth with my ministry to create a legacy of unconditional love.
  • I have learned to believe in yourself and to always take advantage of the opportunities that you are offered. Remain positive, and continue to network. To never give up!
  • There isn’t enough space to write everything down, but I'm going to try. I have learned how to enroll into college, how to fill out the FAFSA, how to make a resume, how to prepare for a job interview, how to network, how to use my resources, the type of careers and majors available. It also inspired and further motivated me to want more in my life.

2013 Reintegration Academy Cohort: Pre-Program/Post-Program Outcomes



2012 Reintegration Academy Cohort: Pre-Program/Post-Program Outcomes